International TableTop Day 2022

International TableTop Day might be a little less International than it used to, but in all fairness we’ve decided to make it so it isn’t just one day either. Despite the name making less and less sense each year Cakes n Ladders is still going to host an event called International TableTop Day and it is going to be awesome!

Expect the day to be full of fun and excitement, laughter and good-natured conflict. This year we’re holding five tournaments. One will be the quiz night on Friday the 24th of June (our first team event ever). Three will be held on Saturday the 25th of June with the winners receiving their names on our ITTD trophy plus individual prize bags. Finally on Sunday the 26th of June we’re running a Cthulhu Wars tournament and partnering with Dice for Hire to run several sessions of D&D.

Like last year the event will be licensed! Look out for our themed cocktails Wood for Sheep and Azul Lagoon.

Our tournaments for the Saturday are Libertalia, Azul and Dominion. We’re expecting strong competition from our returning champions and hope to have plenty of newcomers ready to contest those trophy spots.

To sign up for the D&D sessions check out Dice for Hire’s facebook page here

Hope to see you all for International TableTop Day 2022 at Cakes n Ladders!