Upcoming Events (November-December 2020)

Lockdown is behind us (again!), and we’ve been back in business proper (again). We’re now looking forward to more upcoming events! We’ll be releasing more information for each of these events as they get closer, but for now we just wanted to give everyone a brief look at what we’re currently planning.

Feature Friday
Feature Fridays have been a recurring weekly event at Cakes n Ladders for a while now, and we plan to keep them going, but they’ll be happening when we’ve got something we’re excited to share, like the next one happening this week, on 20th of November! Check here for more information about Feature Friday.

TPK Tuesday
Another favourite is Total Party Kill Tuesdays. These low-commitment RPG one-shots were always well received, but obviously had to be put on hold during the COVID-19 lockdown. We’re happy to announce that TPK Tuesdays are back in action. New and returning adventurers alike can look forward to the next session on 2 December. This will be our final TPK for 2020 so expect some festivities. More details on TPK Tuesdays can be found here.

Any dates, times, and events are all subject to change, especially as this year has been anything but predictable, but we’re going to try our best to bring these and more fun events to Cakes n Ladders to keep you entertained throughout the latter half of the year. Thank you as always for your continued support!