Cakes n Ladders is taking part in Earth Hour 2021!

For more specifics on Earth Hour you should check out the official website, but the basic breakdown is that for one hour this weekend, you turn off all the lights wherever you’re at and take part in a worldwide movement to conserve energy and bring international awareness to nature loss and climate change.

So this Sunday, 28 March, from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM we will be turning out the lights and gaming in the dark, putting a spotlight* on games that promote conservation, as well as some spookier games that would be enhanced by a darker, more eerie ambiance.

*The spotlight is completely metaphorical. Remember, all the lights will be out!

Games for Conservation
Cloak of Protection: This Kiwi-made game puts the focus on the avians of Aotearoa, and how they transformed from the nation’s greatest predators to having to fight for their survival. Creating a feather cloak is your ticket to saving the birds!
Komodo: An asteroid is on the way, and the players embody zoologists tasked with creating new habitats to protect Australasian animals and wildlife! Can you save them all, or is destruction in the cards?
Garden Dice: There’s less overt environmental awareness being promoted with this one, and more just a focus on gardening and tending your own crops. Still, being self-sufficient and capable to growing your own food is nothing to stick your nose up at!

Games for the Dark
Nyctophobia: As ‘nyctophobia’ is literally the fear of the dark, there’s no more appropriate game to play with the lights out. It’s the middle of the night in a spooky forest, and one player can see the board and is trying to chase all others and capture them, while the others are trying to escape while wearing blackout glasses, so they don’t know where they’re going.
Telestrations After Dark: Vanilla Telestrations is essentially the game of Telephone, but with drawings. All players have a word, sketch their word, pass their sketch to the left, guess what word was sketched, pass, sketch that word, pass, rinse and repeat until you’ve all got your original drawing back. Telestrations After Dark is exactly that, but with more… shall we say, mature words and phrases. Sketching in the dark will surely only enhance the drawings, right?
Dracula’s Feast: Dracula has invited townsfolk to his mansion for a masquerade ball, but several monsters and the vampire hunter Van Helsing are all in attendance as well, trying to reach different goals. This game of social deduction is quick to play and quicker to learn, and will surely lend itself nicely to a more intimate setting.

Turn down the lights, and join us this Sunday evening from 8:30 to 9:30 for Earth Hour!