Board game cafes are cafes that have a library of board games for patrons to enjoy. At Cakes n Ladders we have over 900 games in our library and our staff can help you find the right game for your group. We charge just $4.00 per person per hour to access the board game library.

Unfortunately, not. We work hard to make sure the food we provide is safe for the games. We do make an exception for birthday cake though (see next FAQ).

Yes, it costs an extra two dollars per person if you bring your own birthday cake and we provide all the cutlery, plates and even the candles if you need.

Generally, yes but checking with us first is always a good idea. Regular table fees still apply.

Sure, we’re happy to let you play D&D or any other role-playing games in store, we have paper, pens, dice and are even happy to let you use minis from board games for your games. Table fees still apply although we don’t charge the Game Master.

If you’ve got a big group or you’re looking to come in on a weekend, then booking is a smart idea. To book just email us and let us know. If we’re expecting it to be a busy time, we might ask you to prepay for the first hour to reserve a table.

Absolutely, we’ll need to sort out a time and ensure there are no booking clashes but email us and we can get the ball rolling. There is a minimum of thirty people required to book the entire café.

Generally, you’ll need to have your own group but check our events, we host events for people to meet other gamers and game together.