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Cakes n Ladders is open for ANZAC Day

Yes we’re open for ANZAC Day Thursday 25/04/24 Regular hours 1pm to 10pm just like normal.  

Cakes n Ladders is doing D&D

If you want more role playing in your life but you’re not sure how to make that happen then Cakes n Ladders is here

Cakes n Ladders is doing Quiz Nights!

The rules are simple get a team together and come along for Quiz Night at Cakes n Ladders! You can even arrange to meet

International TableTop Day 2023

International TableTop day is on from 5th of May to the 7th of May

International TableTop Day 2022

International TableTop day is on from June 24 through to June 26th

Cakes n Ladders reopening!

Welcome to the traffic light system, folks! Friday, 3rd of December 2021 is Auckland’s first day using the traffic light system, we’re stating out

International TableTop Day 2021

Just like last year it seems most of the world hasn’t recovered enough for a truly International TableTop Day, however we here at Cakes

Upcoming Events (November-December 2020)

Take a look at our planned events for the next couple months!